Small Changes = Big Impact

Cleaning our beaches an coastlines are a great step in the right direction… To make an even bigger impact is by making small changes to reduce your waste and plastics by following – Coastal Waste Warriors 8 R’s of sustainability:

Refuse – refuse single use plastics & non-recyclable packaging. Choose eco-friendly
packaging or none at all.

Reduce – reduce consumption and think about whether we really need something.

Reuse – reuse & re-purpose items we already have by up cycling. Choose reusable items at
home or out and about rather than single use throw away items.

Repair – before buying brand new see if it can be repaired first. Avoid purchasing anything
that is not built to last.

Recycle – recycle right in your kerbside bins by following your local council recycling rules.
Know the rules – do not ‘WishCycle’ by contaminating your kerbside recycling bin with
incorrect items. Just because it has the recycle symbol on the packaging does not mean it will
be recycled. Also seek out the many other recycling programs – several options are described
in the section below.

Rethink – contact companies to rethink their packaging. Support bans & campaigns or start
your own.

Rot – compost or worm farm to transform your kitchen scraps, paper & cardboard into nutrient
rich soil.

Retrieve – join local beach/park clean up events to take positive action with your community.
Collect data for the Tangaroa Blue AMDI database to help communities stem the tide of litter
& plastics making their way into our oceans and waterways. Upload data onto their website or
download their app.


Where to Recycle:

Batteries – Aldi supermarkets, Officeworks, IKEA, and Battery World.
Beauty product packaging – The Body Shop Australia, visit:…/return-recyclerepeat/e00011 or Lush stores, visit:
Beverage containers & Plastic/Metal bottle tops – Containers for Change Refund Points, visit:
Clothes & Textiles – local charities, Upparel or H&M Stores
Coffee cups (disposable) – Simply Cups, via your nearest participating 7-Eleven store, visit:
Electronic waste, Ink cartridges, batteries, pens & markers and mobile phones & accessories,
Electronic waste (e-waste) – RecycleIT or Total Green Recycling
Glasses, Contact lenses & Hearing aids – SpecSavers, The Fred Hollows Foundation, Lions Club.
Hairdressers – Sustainable Salon, visit
Kerbside recycling visit your council website. For ‘other’ recycling programs, visit:
Kitchen scraps – Share your waste, visit: or compost your own.
Mattresses & bases – visit your council website or Soft Landing, visit:
Medicines – Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM) visit:
Planet Ark supports many ‘other’ recycling campaigns, visit:
Plastic bread tags – Aussie Breadtags for Wheelchairs, visit:
Sheets/Towels – Sheridan stores, visit:
Soft plastics – drop off to special recycling bins located at Coles & Woolworths. To find what can be REDcycled
Sports shoes –
TerraCycle supports many ‘other’ recycling campaigns for bathroom packaging, oral care, wetsuits etc.
Work boots – Totally Work Wear, visit: